Training Times

Days /Time
                    7:00pm to 8:30pm Wed
7:00pm to 9:00pm Friday


Location (see map below)
                    Quakers Hill Public School. (Hall)
                    Cnr. Quakers Rd & Medlow Drive  (Entrance to hall/parking via Medlow Drive)
                    QUAKERS HILL NSW 2763


                    There are two costs involed in being a member of our club they are:
Insurance fees (Annual)
Training fees (Monthly)
Due to DET insurance policies membership/insurance must be paid before starting classes
                    Membership/insurance fees are;
                             Junior (up to 18) $46.00 pa.
                            Senior                   $58.00 pa
                            Membership includes compulsory personal insurance coverage
The membership  ~  Pro rata payments can apply. i.e. if you start way thought the Insurance  year, you only pay for the remainder of the Ins year
Once the membership/insurance has been paid, lessons are $55.00 per month payable 1st week of the month.

 Children 8 years & under

must have a parent/guardian

present during lessons


*** We are a non-profit group, all money received from lessons goes to the betterment of the club.


We are Here !!!! Wed & Friday nights 

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