Choosing the right teacher is crucial to spending your time, effort wisely.  Don't settle for poor instruction. With our head instructor having over 57 years martial arts experience, we offer growth from beginners to advanced black belts instruction.

Our Style

Our style is a combination of Karate & Judo. The classical forms are required grading but our training is based on reality.

We also have direct lineage from the first & oldest Karate club in Australia & the third Judo club in Australia & our club has been established for over 33 years.


Our classes are well run without resorting to harsh disciplinary styles found in most schools. Students enjoy the friendly atmosphere of a true learning environment from a qualified Cat. IV Trainer & Work place assessor. This also ensures a high standard of instruction.

Self Defence

Highly qualified female black belts offer self defence classes for women & girls. While our Men's self defence classes include subduing techniques.


Our hall can be filled with mats using the latest high impact Jigsaw mats. Our students also have the use of the club equipment, focus mitts, body armour, bags, gloves, Sai, Bo. Swords & breaking table


We charge a minimum for our instruction. We are not into Martial Arts to make money. We teach for the love of our art.

Our club is non-profit. Our instructors do not receive payment & all money received goes to the club.  We don't have contracts or debit your bank

To win in a competition has nothing to do with Karate.
This is a wrong way of thinking!
This has no meaning.
This is the biggest problem for the future of Karate

Gogen Yamaguchi "The Cat"    

(Our Club has no links with
Gogen Yamaguchi's style)