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2009 Combined Day   Peter Laszlo Visit
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33rd Year of the Blacktown Dragons Karate Club




Peter Laszlo Visits out Club

See Peter's article on Wally

It was a great honour to have Peter Laszlo visit or Club on the Friday 4th September 2009. Peter was a member of the Blacktown & Judo Club. Peter studied Judo then switched to Karate & trained under Grand Master Wally Szlagowski in both forms. Peter was awarded the No.2 Patch from Japan after passing his Black Belt examination.

This is Wally Szlagowski's patch.
Peter had the number 2
under the red fist

The night started out by Peter started giving hints from the side line as the students went through their punches. It didn't take long for the Worrier to come out. Soon he had the class doing hard punches, Elbow strikes & blocks up & down the hall. The old hard style approach re-passed onto the  next generation of martial Artists.


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The club breaking patch is now available to all students who have successfully performed a break.




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This year will mark the thirty third anniversary of the Blacktown Dragons' Karate Club. From humble beginnings in a garage.

Twenty five years ago a I started the Blacktown Dragons' Karate Club. The membership was limited as I could only accommodate so many people in my 20'x20' garage. The training was based on reality. Hard training, cut out the fancy stuff & develop techniques & power. Not to many new starter's stayed, They found it difficult to handle the intensity & variety of the training. Some only came one night never to be seen again.

Our first Black belt was Greg Wiggins. After 4 hard years of training & bruises he got his 1st Dan. A hard way to earn a coloured belt.

We had by 1994 three groups training in and around the garage, one in the garage, one in the drive way & one group doing Judo on a bit of canvas in the back yard & we would rotate through the various stages.

It was now time to move into a hall. We started looking for more students before we opened at Quakers Hill Public School. Some students, once again came & went. Not too many students could handle the Judo/Karate combination, but we thought it would be worth perusing. So in 1995 we opened at Quakers Hill Public School's Hall. The School principal, Anne Malchay assisted greatly in the hall hire rates so we could offer lessons as a community service. Then the lesson cost was by donation. students would place into a tin what they could afford. Not a good way to get rich as the donations most times didn't pay for the hall hire.

Over the years the club has obtained equipment by donations from Peter Wood & Gabi Galayini. Money received from training fees went to increase our equipment. Now we have a well equipped club with rice straw Judo mats, jigsaw mats, sai, bo, swords, boxing gloves, bag mitts, focus mitts body armour, punching bags, skipping ropes, training knives & of cause the ever popular breaking table.

Over the years we have grown, influence from other  black belts from various styles & continually evaluating our approach to our art has developed into a club that has a lot to offer in training, self defence & the classical martial arts.

 Keep watching the news letter for more information.

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Neil Ohlenkamp has agreed to let us link to his Judo page. Neil's web page would have to be the best source of information on Judo techniques & information on the web today. Try it out ! click on the link below or go to our links page.


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