The Instructors

Below are Black Belts who have given instruction over the years to our club.

I would like to thank all, for sharing their time & knowledge with the members of the club.


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  Grand Master Wally Szlagowski    
  Peter Laszlo      
    Bruce Freeman    
Sinead Freeman Shanti Freeman Neil Brown Sheena Johnston Ziggy Szlagowski
  Janelle Woo Michael Woo Christopher Marciarno  
Greg Wiggins Gabi  Galayini Rob Kovacs Sean Freeman Steve Kovacs
Craig Campbell Denis Byrne Joel Harty Kayla Galayini Tim Kovacs
Noel Mahon   Russel Beha Ian Sainsbury Stephen Sainsbury
Andrew Johnston Kaye Wood 2nd Dan Dean Ladd Andrew Craig Reece Galayini
Janine Hush. Ron Davies Greg Maranda Peter Galvin Peter Wood
John Withers Nicholas Ladd Debbie Clark Bill Sahin Levent Sahin
Mohamad Azimi


Mathew Reitchstein


Christopher Cook    
Bernard Varlet Ken Newbury 

Mark Leung

Mark Kalogsera Dave Phillips


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