30th September 2006 

We lost a great martial artist.

Russell Beha (56)

lost his battle with cancer.

To those that knew Russell they'd remember him as one of the hardest fighters they would ever meet. Strong & extremely knowledgeable in martial arts he towered above most of Australia's best know Martial Artists.

A quite achiever who always made time for those that wanted to learn his extremely hard approach to martial arts.

Over the last 22 years our club has been very lucky to have had the benefit of Russell's knowledge in numerous visits to our club. For me, since the 70's, Russell has always given me advice & a hard touch of reality when I become over confident. Certainly a man who was proficient in his art & that art became a way of life for him.

He set a bench mark that was hard to reach.

He will be missed.

Bruce Freeman
(Shihan  Ryu Do Karate)
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