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Saturday 26th September 10:00am.

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Combined Day Pictures

I like to thank everyone who assisted in making the day a huge success, the organisers, Kitchen staff (Mele, Shanti, Maria &  Karen to name a few) who toiled away all day in the kitchen, John, Steve the BBQ men doing the Tong Kata with the snags & Gabi the taste tester. David, Allan the car park attendants & general rouse about's & the instructors that gave their time & knowledge.

The second Combined Martial Arts Day started off to a windy start. With the threat of more dust storms it wasn't looking good. 10:00 came & the dust settled the sun came out & we had a perfect day for out Blacktown City Martial arts Expo.

A huge range of styles were represented & instructors travelled from the country & interstate at their own expense to make this day such a huge success. It was great to see the return of s many instructors from the first combined day in 2007.

The demonstrations shown by the instructors were limited. How can you possibly demonstrate a lifetime of study in a few hours.

To me, I think these two pictures in particular, portray the essence of the event. Two highly experienced Martial Artists giving their time for the next generation.

Getting the day off to a flying starting was Master Craig Bajraktarevic-Hayward from East Coar Cacoy Doce Pares. Master Craig once again impressed everyone with spectacular demonstration followed by giving everyone instruction in East Coar Cacoy Doce Pares.

While Terry Derwin from Combat Martial Arts Judo took the second phase in Judo hold downs Luke & Margaret from Kempo Ryu gave instruction on the oval.

So many highly qualified martial artists gave their time like;

John Cook who gave a brilliant breaking demonstration.

Kym Reid travelled from South Aust to provide Jujitsu instruction, Along with Brian Belcahambers also from SA,

Terry Riches gave a judo & Jujitsu demonstration. Terry had to change his subject matter at the last moment as a previous instructor covered the same techniques, Terry quickly came up with different techniques showing his vast knowledge & ability to adapt.

Rhette was sadly missed from Fightrite Gym  however, Christian filled in  instructing & demonstration in Muay tai,

Rod Harris  from Freestyle Mantis had everyone joining in with his Kung Fu techniques,

Ken Forsstrom took the group in Jujitsu instruction, displaying their vast knowledge in Karate & Jujitsu

William Hayes gave such an outstanding demonstration of Aikido the everyone in the hall just stopped & watched in amazement.

Contact details for some of the Instructors & Clubs


Where it began in 2007


The two Masters Shihan Merv Oakley & Wally Szlagowski
Who was to know the other four in the picture would play a huge part in making the
Blacktown City Martial Arts Expo 2009 a reality.
From Left: Peter Mylonas, Rhett Junker, Bruce Freeman & Phil Chapman
Shihan Kym Reid
Terry Riches
Kodokan Judo Federation
International Budo Federation NSW
(National President)
Kym Reid
International Budo Federation SA Presidents
Jinen Karate Jitsu
Master Craig Bajraktarevic-Hayward
East Coar Cacoy Doce Pares
Rhett Junker - Instructor  
Rhett Junker
Fite Right Gym
 Zen Do Kai Karate
Terry Derwin
Combat Martial Arts


Phil Chapman
Go Ju Kai
Rob Dobson
Blacktown Karate Club
Ken Forsstrom is a Godan (5th Dan) in
Ju Jitsu & Karate http://www.angelfire.com/ns/jujitsunews/march01.htm
Peter Mylonas
Kempo Ryu International Karate Organisation
Bruce Freeman ~ Wally Szlowski ~ Merv Oakley 
Rod Harris
Praying Mantis Kungfu


We hosted the First Combined Martial Arts day. Read about the 2007 day "click" on our badge